HSGH Takes the Lead with the Launch of In-House Cafe Exam

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In a groundbreaking move, HSGH, a renowned company in the hospitality industry, has taken a pioneering step by launching the first-ever in-house café exam. This innovative approach aims to revolutionize the traditional certification process for café owners and baristas. With an emphasis on practical skills and industry knowledge, HSGH is set to raise the bar for excellence in the café industry.


HSGH’s in-house café exam is a comprehensive evaluation designed to assess the competence and expertise of café owners and baristas. The concept behind this initiative is to ensure that individuals entering the café industry possess the necessary skills to deliver exceptional experiences to customers. By setting a new standard, HSGH aims to enhance the overall quality of cafés and elevate the industry as a whole.


The in-house café exam consists of multiple components that collectively evaluate various aspects crucial to café operations. These components include practical assessments, theoretical knowledge tests, and customer service evaluations. By incorporating such diverse criteria, HSGH ensures that participants demonstrate proficiency in areas ranging from coffee brewing techniques to customer interaction and business management.


During the practical assessments, participants are required to showcase their skills in preparing a wide range of beverages, including espresso-based drinks, pour-over coffee, and specialty beverages. These assessments focus on factors like consistency, taste, presentation, and speed. HSGH’s experts closely monitor participants’ performance to ensure adherence to industry standards and best practices.


To assess participants’ theoretical knowledge, HSGH has designed a comprehensive examination that covers a broad spectrum of café-related topics. This includes coffee origins, bean varieties, roasting techniques, brewing methods, equipment maintenance, and hygiene practices. By evaluating participants’ knowledge, HSGH ensures that café owners and baristas have a solid foundation in the principles that underpin their craft.


Exceptional customer service is vital to the success of any café. Recognizing this, HSGH includes customer service evaluations as part of the exam. Participants are judged on their ability to engage with customers, address their needs, provide relevant recommendations, and create a welcoming atmosphere. HSGH believes that a café experience is not solely about the beverages served but also about the overall ambiance and service quality.


The launch of the in-house café exam by HSGH brings numerous benefits to both café owners and customers. For café owners, this initiative offers an opportunity to showcase their commitment to excellence, helping them attract discerning customers and build a loyal following. By obtaining certification through the exam, café owners can differentiate themselves in a competitive market, thus increasing their chances of success.


Customers also benefit from this initiative as they can now confidently choose cafés that have been certified by HSGH. By supporting certified cafés, customers can expect an elevated experience, where the quality of beverages, service, and overall ambiance meet the highest industry standards

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