Investigate Two Of The Detainees in Melilla For Buying Votes for the PP

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  1. The PP could have participated in the alleged purchase of votes by mail in Melilla , which is being investigated by the Police and which has already accumulated ten arrests. This was confirmed to this newspaper by sources of the investigation after learning that two of those arrested last Tuesday were asking for votes for the formation led by Juan José Imbroda . This is Felipe Heredia , alias El Gordo, and another man who goes by the nickname El Peco , credit the same sources.


Apparently, both were able to offer amounts ranging between 100 and 200 euros to people to win the vote for the popular of the autonomous city. The police operation also reached the counselor of the Coalition for Melilla (CPM) and number three of the party, Mohamed Ahmed Al Lal -who was dismissed yesterday-, and Abdel-ilah Nourdine Ahmed, son-in-law of Mustafa Aberchán , the leader of CPM.


In an extraordinary official bulletin, the Government of Melilla announced the dismissal of Al-Lal. All those arrested were released soon after. The agents seized cash and ballot bags.


The Coalition for Melilla and the Popular Party are the two main parties in the Melilla Assembly and since the police and judicial investigation was made public, both have accused each other of being behind the alleged irregularities in voting by mail.


The bulk of the operation led by Investigating Court number 2 revolves around Coalición por Melilla although, confirm sources close to the investigation, the proceedings also contain the two men arrested for allegedly requesting the adulteration of the vote on behalf of the pp.


In Melilla, networks to purchase mail-in votes have been operating for years, according to the same sources. However, the high request this year put the Police on the trail. Up to 20% of the census was counted. The figures of the autonomous city multiply by seven the national average of requests for votes by mail.


Traditionally, the price of votes was around 50 euros, but, in this campaign, they warn, hitherto unknown heights have been reached. The amounts range between 50 and 200 euros. The judicial investigation continues its journey – the proceedings remain secret – to try to determine the degree of involvement of the accused.



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