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Giant Sloths Decade Before Roamed Earth

Scientists discovered a series of fossilized footprints in New Mexico that suggest early human hunters tracked and killed giant ground sloths. This is offering a tantalizing look at our ancient Ice Age ancestors and the environment they occupied. These tracks were found in the White Sands National Monument Park, the largest field of white gypsum […]

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Atlanta Cop Who Pummel Alleged Walmart Shoplifter Gets 5 Years in Prison

The Atlanta Police Department recently announced that 49-year-old Trevor King, a former police sergeant, was sentenced to five years in prison for beating a Walmart customer in 2014 while off-duty. According to court documents, the former Atlanta cop mistook the victim for a shoplifter. In 2014, Trevor King, back then a police sergeant was at […]

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Health And Lifestyle

New Study Proposes Another Possible Cause for Gray Hair

New research from the National Institutes of Health at the University of Alabama in Birmingham found a link between chronic illness or stress and gray hair. Study results are available in a paper in PLOS on May 3, 2018. In it, the authors explain how the immune response affects the MITF protein. This is a […]

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